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About BIM-ME

Building Information Management Middle East - BIM-ME is a leading BIM services Consultancy firm; providing solutions in the Middle-East region and beyond, specialized in Implementation, Production, Support and Training under Building Information Modeling (BIM).

We provide strategic advising to building design professionals, contractors and owners seeking to supplant traditional project delivery methods through technology-driven process innovation. We help the building industry identify, implement and manage the technologies and business practices that enable more effective coordination, communication and collaboration.

Based on more than eight years success story and experience, dealing with leading Multidisciplinary engineering companies, the company positioned itself as the primary BIM expert in the region through consulting engagements with around 6,000 Engineers.

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    Wednesday, May 29 2024

    "As an Autodesk Authorized Training and Certification Center, BIM-ME runs accredited courses for Autodesk and many other developers' software...
    AI Computational Design Course
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    Thursday, April 18 2024

    The course will spotlight two key focal points:

    Stable Diffusion & LookX for Design Iterations and Rendering:
    Explore the forefront of desig...
    AI Computational Design Course
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    Project Overview: Burj 2020, led by Spie batignolles, epitomizes cutting-edge BIM Production methods, revolutionizing high-rise construction in the UA...
    Burj 2020